Following the clues, unfurling my wings

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So, over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about wings, after curiously mis-seeing an icon of something else as a pair of angel wings, and then reading Simone’s beautiful and inspiring post about wings and safety.

Usually when something comes up like this it’s a bit like a giant sign from the universe saying Useful Information Here – Follow The Clues!

So I did. I pondered and did Shiva Nata on it and drew it out. This is woven together from my post-Shiva Nata scribblings.

What do I know about wings?

Wings are perfectly sized to the bird and its purpose.

A finch had sweet little finch wings, a kite has huge, majestic wings. They are exactly the right wings for the bird.

Even in the egg, the bird embryo still has the blueprint for those beautiful, soaring wings encoded in its DNA.

Ah, so the possibility of flight is always there?

Yes. It’s connected to what I’ve learned from Andrea, about the seed of a dream having its own unfolding encoded within it.

Like a baby bird, each of my dreams has its own blueprint for flight inside it.

And since I am the one unfolding the dream, I already have ability to soar using those wings.

My wings are almost always stronger and more capable than I think they are.

Right now, I’m watching sea-gulls from my bedroom window. They soar and wheel and rest on the rooftops.

Resting, shavasana, is an intergral part of flying. It’s not an optional extra that can be skipped and skipped and skipped.

Wings need to be nutured and nourished, with time for fun and relaxation, with the right food, with plenty of sleep.

And when a bird rests, their wings can become shelter.

Wings are a nest too.

Shelter and soaring. Safety and possibility.

One contained within the other, creating each other.


Play with me

Share your ponderings about wings, shelter and soaring.

Or maybe this sparks of something totally different for you…

If you liked this post, please share it!

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